VonHaus Black Floating Single Shelf 10kg 380x300mm

VonHaus Black Floating Single Shelf 10kg 380x300mm


This floating shelf is perfect for mounting entertainment devices onto wall mounted televisions

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With a simplistic yet innovative design, the VonHaus Single Floating Shelf makes the most of your wall space to create a useful platform for one of your entertainment devices to sit on.

The shelf is designed to accompany a wall-mounted television. When you have a TV mounted to the wall, you may find it tricky to find somewhere suitable to position your connected devices. Our floating shelf is an ideal solution.

It's universal in design, so you can be confident about the fit as it will provide a snug platform for any of your entertainment devices. Durability and strength are also guaranteed to a high standard, with the highly crafted shelf being made of British Standard strengthened tempered glass (5 mm thick). Stylish and secure, it will make a fine addition to your home entertainment setup.

A cable management system is also featured to help keep your cables organised and hidden from sight. Unsightly tangled wires don't stand a chance!