MaxxOne Kite Wireless Indoor Siren

MaxxOne Kite Wireless Indoor Siren


This indoor siren alerts users inside a home of a breach of any of the security devices on the MaxxOne Kite system. It also deters an intruder from continuing an intrusion

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This MaxxOne Kite Wireless Indoor Siren is designed to be small enough to complement your decor, but loud enough to disturb you, your neighbours and potential criminals. It’s also perfect for apartment blocks and flats where there’s no place for an outdoor siren.



  • Power Supply 5V 1A
  • Backup Battery 3 x AA Dry Cells
  • Transmission Distance 200m
  • Standby Current 20uA
  • Working Current <350uA
  • Siren Volume 80dB
  • Working Temperature -10C°~40C°
  • Humidity 90%rh
  • Anti Tamper Supported
  • Battery Standby Time 6 Months
  • Housing Material PC+ABS
  • System Status Indicator Yes
  • Weight 184.0g (inc. battery)
  • Dimensions (L) 108mm x (W) 86mm x (D) 28mm

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