MaxxOne Kite Wireless CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor

MaxxOne Kite Wireless CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor


This carbon monoxide sensor alerts users when it detects a concentration of carbon monoxide tp prevent poisoning

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This MaxxOne Kite Wireless CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor uses a carbon monoxide electrochemical sensor to ensure stable and constant performance.

When concentration of the leaked carbon monoxide reaches the given alarm level, the detector LED flashes red and buzzer gives out alarm sounds.

The detection of Carbon Monoxide will alert directly to your mobile device.


  • Power Supply 5V 1A
  • Backup Battery 3 x AA Dry Cells
  • Transmission Distance 200m
  • Standby Current 20uA
  • Working Current <350uA
  • Siren Volume 80dB
  • Working Temperature -10C°~40C°
  • Humidity 90%rh
  • Anti Tamper Supported
  • Battery Standby Time 6 Months
  • Housing Material PC+ABS
  • System Status Indicator Yes
  • Weight 184.0g (inc. battery)
  • Dimensions (L) 108mm x (W) 86mm x (D) 28mm

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