Scantronic 8 Zone End Station & 9941 Non Prox Keypad

Scantronic 8 Zone End Station & 9941 Non Prox Keypad


This keypad is perfect for wired alarm systems

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The Scantronic 9651EN41 is a fully programmable, 8 zone security alarm panel designed to conform to PD6662:2004 Grade 2X system requirements.
The 9651EN is ideally suited to both home and small commercial security applications, combining maximum flexibility with ease of use to provide optimum security when and where you need it.

Simple A, B, C and D setting buttons let you to split the system into four areas, enabling you to set the whole, or just parts of the alarm protection.
Up to 4 attractive remote keypads can be added to any system. The 9651EN-41 is supplied with the 9941 keypad (as pictured) and uses a 4 or 6-digit PIN code to control system operation.

The 9651EN-43 is supplied with the 9943 keypad. This gives the user the option of employing an encrypted keyring proximity tag to simplify operation and minimise the chance of operator error.

A 9651 panel can be connected to any speech dialler or plug-by digital communicator via its integral communications output socket. Its three fully programmable outputs further enhance system flexibility. A 700 event log, fully date and time stamped to comply with the Association of British Insurers requirements, provides a complete record of system operation and service information.


  • Zones: 8 fully programmable
  • Zone Attributes: Each zone can be programmed as one of the following types – personal attack, fire, normal alarm, final exit, 24 hour, entry route, not used, shock analyser (zones 1-4 only), technical alarm, key-switch (fixed & momentary options) attributes of chime, soak test, double knock, omit allowed
  • Panel: 9651 blank metal end station.
  • Keypads: Accepts a maximum of four 9941EN LCD keypads (1 supplied) or 9943EN LCD keypads with proximity and the ability to connect to a AX10 remote prox reader.
  • Display: 9941  with full feature LCD display with plain text up to 16 characters
  • Level Setting: A = Full Set, B, C & D = Part Set
  • Event Log: 250 event log with date and time stamped
  • Compliance: Currently BS4737
  • Keyswitch: Key-switch zone, full = A, part = B setting/unsetting, disarm and reset
  • Codes: 16 x 4 digit user access codes, 1 duress code, 1 engineer code
  • Outputs: 3 fully programmable outputs, 13.8v dc +/– 1%dc 1A total current output supply
  • Battery: Stand by battery up to a 7Ah lead acid
  • System Power Supply: Regulated at 1 Amp
  • Aux DC Power for Detectors: 500mA @ 13.7v dc
  • Dimensions: Control panel (H x W x D) = 235 x 245 x 90mm, 9930 keypad (H x W x D) 120 x 170 x 27mm
  • Weight: Control panel = 3.3kg, keypad = 260g
  • Temperature Range: –10°c to +55°c
  • Communications Outputs: 8 outputs for any type of wire-in communications device such as a speech dialler, plug-by communicator etc.

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