Menvier SD1+ N.V.M. Keypad Style Speech Dialler

Menvier SD1+ N.V.M. Keypad Style Speech Dialler


This speech dialler is perfect for working with most alarm control panels

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  • Works in conjunction with all quality control panels
  • 8 character Starburst LCD display
  • Up to 40 seconds recording time
  • Integral microphone and loudspeaker
  • Call abort
  • Passcode protection for programmed information
  • All information stored in NVM (Non Volatile Memory)
  • Dials any combination of 4 telephone numbers
  • Delivers 1 location message and 4 other messages which can be re-recorded as often as required
  • CTR21 Pan European approved
  • Country variants available (Dutch, French, Italian)
  • Manufactured to comply with R & TTE directive

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