Scantronic Proximity Fob (Pack of 5)

Scantronic Proximity Fob (Pack of 5)


These proximity tags are perfect for arming or disarming the Scantronic alarm system

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Scantronic Proximity Tags in a Pack Of 5 are for use in with the Scantronic keypads that feature the built in proximity reader.

These Tags will work with the following Keypads:

  • Scantronic 9943EN LCD Remote Keypad With Proximity.
  • Scantronic Wired Keypad with Built-In Proximity Reader KEY-KP01
  • Scantronic Wired Keypad With Proximity Reader and 2 Zone Outputs KEY-KPZ01
  • Scantronic I-ON 2 Way Radio Keypad & Base Station KEY-RKPZ-KIT

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