Ajax Keypad (Wireless Arming Station)

Two-way wireless keypad. This device is perfect to arm and disarm the entire Ajax system using programmed codes or keyfobs.

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This Ajax KeyPad is a wireless touch keypad used for arming/disarming of the Ajax security system. It is mounted in the room near the entrance door to provide quick access to the keypad. 

Main Features

  • Wireless touch keypad
  • Arming/disarming indication
  • Communication range with central unit: up to 1,700 m in an open space


  • Radio channel touch keypad
  • For indoor use
  • Operates only with Hub, Hub Plus and ReX
  • Number of buttons: 15
  • Protection against password attack
  • Arming/disarming indication
  • Battery life - up to 2 years
  • Jeweller radio technology
  • Communication range with central unit: up to 1,700 m in an open space
  • Two-way communication between devices
  • Operating frequencies: 868.0−868.6 MHz
  • Operating temperature range: -10°С to +40°С
  • Permissible humidity: up to 75%
  • Jamming detection
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Remote setting and testing
  • Dimensions: 150х103х14 mm
  • Weight: 197 g
  • Certification: Grade 2, CE

Ajax is a wireless home and business security system. It provides intruder, fire and leakage detection, IP camera connectivity and the ability to turn on home appliances remotely with a few taps on a smartphone. 

It has an average installation time of under 30 minutes (based on a 9-device system). It is also rated Grade II Security (EN50131) and has a Fire Safety (EN14604) certification. 

There's a reason this system is multi-award winning and has over 200,000 users in over 90 countries.