Ajax Socket (EU plug)


Wireless smart plug with energy monitor. This device allows the Ajax system to power domestic appliances remotely with the Ajax app.

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This Ajax Socket (EU plug) is a wireless smart plug with an energy monitor. You will come back home to enjoy comfortable climate and cozy atmosphere all year round.

Turn on your heating devices during winter and air conditioner during summer.

Start your air humidifier and heat water for your bath.

With only a few taps in the application on your way home.

Main Features

  • European plug adaptor
  • Connection to Hub via secured Jeweller radio protocol
  • Supports communication to Hub up to 1km in line of sight


  • Actuating element: Electromagnetic relay
  • Service life: At least 200,000 switches
  • Voltage and type of external power supply:  110–230 V_50/60 Hz
  • Maximum load current: 11 A (continuous)_13A (up to 5 s)
  • Pulse duration: 0.5 to 255 seconds (firmware version is or higher)
  • Maximum current protection: 11A if the protection is on_13A if protection is off
  • Dimensions: 65.5 × 45 × 45 mm (with plug)
  • Weight: 58g

Ajax is a wireless home and business security system. It provides intruder_fire and leakage detection_IP camera connectivity and the ability to turn on home appliances remotely with a few taps on a smartphone. 

It has an average installation time of under 30 minutes (based on a 9-device system). It is also rated Grade II Security (EN50131) and has a Fire Safety (EN14604) certification. 

There's a reason this system is multi-award winning and has over 200,000 users in over 90 countries.

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