12 Volt Spike Suppressor For Intruder Alarm Panel

12 Volt Spike Suppressor For Intruder Alarm Panel


This volt spike surpressor is perfect for alarm projects

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Stop induced AC and nearby lightning from affecting the alarm system with the ACT 1313. This 12V spike suppressor will prevent false alarms and system malfunctions by decoupling AC from cables and clamp the supply against spikes. An essential alarm troubleshooting solution. 


  • Protects alarm control equipment and detectors from induced AC and nearby lightning
  • Decouples induced AC from every alarm cable connected to the control panel
  • Clamps the 12VDC supply against spikes to the control panel, alarm detectors and plug-on communicators
  • Fit as standard - just one to the control panel and each PSU
  • Connect RED+ and BLACK- across the 12VDC auxiliary supply and GREEN to mains Earth

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